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5 Occasions When Hiring A Limo Service Is The Best Transportation Idea In Your Small Town

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You probably have a limo service available in your area (in spite of its small population), but if you are like a lot of small-town dwellers, you equate renting a limo only with things like prom or weddings. However, there are all kinds of occasions where a limo would be fitting for the occasion. Before you write off the local limo service because you are far beyond wedding days and senior prom, you should know there are several instances when hiring a limo is an incredibly good idea. 

1. Hire a limo service for anniversary dates. - Make an impression on your significant other by hiring a limo for special anniversary dates, whether it is your wedding anniversary or the anniversary of your first date. When you have someone else in charge of driving, you and your partner get to spend more time reminiscing and enjoying each other's company. 

2. Make an impression on business trips. - If you are planning an upcoming business trip out of your small-town area, taking a limo is a good way to exude professionalism while you're there. Likewise, sending a limo to pick up a business contact is always a good gesture. 

3. Give pals a night out in style. - There is no reason for everyone to have to pile into your sedan or take several vehicles if you are planning a night out with your friends. Have everyone chip in to rent a limo and you can spend your night in true style. For just $65 to $100 an hour for a standard limo, you and your friends can split the costs and ride in luxury for about the same cost as you would each pay for dinner. 

4. Make sure visiting relatives have an enjoyable trip from the airport. - Living in a small town often means being miles away from the closest commercial airport. Therefore, when family members fly in for a visit, you are stuck going to pick them up. Give visiting relatives just another reason to enjoy paying you a visit by hiring a limo to transport them from the airport to your home. 

5. Offer an unforgettable gift to a well-deserving sixteen-year-old. - Sweet sixteen is a momentous birthday occasion. Even though the birthday girl or guy cannot quite drive on their own just yet, they can enjoy a night out in a limo. Any teen is bound to appreciate being picked up after their party by a limo big enough that they can bring along a few friends.