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5 Things You Can Do At Check-In To Ensure A Better Hotel Stay

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From the moment you set foot into a hotel, the way you treat the staff can affect how pleasant your stay will be. For example, if you are pleasant and warm to the front desk staff, they may be able to offer you a free room upgrade or other perks such as discounted services that they don't necessarily offer to all guests. Below are five ways that you can ensure that you get noticed by the staff when you check in without being seen as overbearing or aggressive. These simple things can make you a priority for staff if you have any issues during your stay or if there are perks available. 

Introduce Yourself 

Many guests, after traveling a long distance, forget simple manners when they check in. They simply state that they have a reservation and toss their credit card or identification on the desk for the clerk to look up the reservation. Although it is helpful to have your credit card or identification out and ready when you check in, you should begin by greeting the desk clerk and stating who you are. This ensures that the staff member knows how to pronounce your name and it helps them associate your name with your face, so you are no longer a random guest in the hotel to them. 

Repeat the Front Desk Clerk's Name 

Often, the front desk clerk will begin (or end) the conversation by stating their name. Even if they don't, they may be wearing a name tag that lets you know their name. If not, then you can ask what their name is. Using the clerk's name shows that you care who they are and can increase positive feelings towards you. Additionally, it takes away the employee's anonymity. They are now certain that if you give a review, either good or bad, their name may be included. This can make them want to work to improve your experience and get good feedback from you. 

Consider Giving a Small Tip 

Tipping the front desk clerk before they have actually done anything for you can seem intimidating or awkward for some people. However, offering a small tip while checking in can help you get noticed and can increase the front desk clerk's positive feelings, making them more likely to offer you an upgrade. This does not have to be a large tip. In most places, five dollars will get you noticed as a generous and kind patron. 

Tipping, and the amount you tip, can depend on the quality and the history of the hotel you are staying at. However, most front desk clerks would happily appreciate a tip. 

Ask For What You Want 

While checking in, you can directly ask for what you want. If you booked an economy room, you most likely won't be upgraded to the honeymoon suite, but you can expect little requests to be accommodated it you ask politely. For example, you could ask for a room with a balcony or overlooking the pool or beach, and the front desk clerk may decide to give you a slight upgrade while switching your room. 

Don't Take Up Too Much Time 

While it is nice to engage in a small conversation with the front desk clerk, you should try not to take up too much time. You do not need to share your travel stories, talk about the weather, or mention all of the things you plan to do during your vacation. Front desk clerks can be very busy, and respecting their time, especially when you notice that there are other customers waiting, will usually be appreciated. 

Following these five tips will not ensure you a free upgrade every time, but they will help you have a better experience, so keep them in mind next time you visit a hotel like Sands Resorts