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Three Cool Weekend Trip Ideas For NYC Twentysomethings Without Their Own Cars

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If you and your friends live in NYC and don't have cars, then you might think that your weekend excursions might be a bit limited. You can hit the beaches in Brooklyn, or hang out in Manhattan, but other than that, your options are a bit limited. You could try and take the train down to the Jersey shore, but that can be a nightmare during the height of the beach season, and if you've ever been stuck in Penn Station during a heatwave waiting for a train that is delayed, you know what a drag it can be. However, there are some really cool alternatives. Below are three ideas to consider. Each is totally feasible as long as you and your friends hook up with a good charter bus company, like Werner Coach. This will make the trip super easy, and you get to avoid the crazy lines at the train and subway.

White Water Rafting

There are two close whitewater rafting spots that you and your friends should consider. One of them is the Delaware River, located up in the Tri-State area (NY/PA/NJ border). You can charter a bus to get up to Milford, Pennsylvania and then hook up with a tour company that will set you up with rafts, life jackets, and even a guide if you want. The section of the river near the tri-state launch site is home to the famed "skinner falls," which is a really exciting bit of whitewater.

The other area is the Lehigh river in the Poconos section of Pennsylvania. If you like the classic, country vibe of the Poconos mountains, but have only seen it on television, then it would be a super cool excursion. You can get a charter bus to bring you and your friends up to the mountains and then bring you all back the next day when you have finished rafting.

Atlantic City

If you prefer a more party atmosphere and maybe would like to get a bit of gambling in, then you should look to Atlantic City. It's tricky to get to from NYC by mass transit (you would have to take multiple trains and connections, or else one of those overcrowded public buses). But it's a breeze with a chartered bus. It's a great two-day trip. You can hit the casino during the day, then go to the clubs at night. It's super easy to get to by charter bus. All you have to do is board the bus in Manhattan and then the driver will head on over to the Jersey Turnpike and coast down to AC.

Wine Tasting Out On Long Island

Finally, you might want to consider a wine tasting tour out on Long Island. There are a bunch of really beautiful vineyards on Suffolk country, and you can get a great experience wherein you pop in to one and then hit another for a fun day of wine tasting in a bucolic setting. This is a perfect use of a charter bus. Not only will they take you out of Manhattan and bring you to Suffolk, but they will bring you from one Vineyard to another. The vineyards are not close to one another, and there isn't any sort of public transport out that way, so for folks who don't have a car, you need to use a charter bus. It's a good idea anyway, since you and your friends will be tasting wine all day and you won't have to draw straws and one unlucky person end up the designated driver. The charter driver will have you covered.