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Three Ways To Make Your Second Honeymoon Absolutely Special

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Going on a second honeymoon is a great way to celebrate your ongoing love for your spouse and also reconnect with one another in a new atmosphere. While going away anywhere together can be enjoyable, this really is an occasion that's worth pulling out all the stops. To make your second honeymoon as special as possible, here are three ideas to get you started:

Hire a Charter Plane

Why wait to start the celebration until you arrive at your destination? Consider hiring an air charter to the Bahamas rather than just booking flights with a commercial airline. On a charter flight, it's typically just the two of you and the pilot, so you'll get a very private experience. You can have some input into the route (for instance, if you want to fly over the Grand Canyon on your way out west), and you'll often be provided with top-notch amenities like champagne and fine food while on board. There are numerous charter plane companies that offer flights to popular destinations like the Bahamas. Make sure you tell the company you're celebrating a second honeymoon when you're booking -- they can make sure the experience is extra special.

Stay In a Mansion

Hotels are more or less the same anywhere you go in the world. So, why not make plans to stay in a mansion instead and have a more unique experience at your accommodation? There are numerous online booking services that you can use to rent residences owned by private landlords. Someone may be renting out their mansion while they're away on business for the year, or they may even own a large home that they use solely as a rental. When you stay in a big, glorious mansion, you'll truly feel like a pampered king and queen -- and the experience will be more private, too.

Book Private Tours

Instead of just booking group tours with any agency you can find, consider booking private tours where it will be just you and the tour guide. This way, you will be able to ask more questions and have them answered, and you'll have a bit of input into where the tour goes, too. Plus, on a private tour, the guide can let you know about other things to do in the area so you don't run out of entertainment ideas for later.

Your second honeymoon should be a truly memorable experience. With the ideas above, it will certainly be one for the books!