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Prepare for a Winter Road Trip in Your RV

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Traveling from the east coast to the west coast during the winter can be quite an adventure, especially if you will be driving your RV and stopping at some parks along the way. Since some RV parks close for the winter season, you will benefit most by securing your reservations in advance and preparing your vehicle for the cold weather and precipitation that you may encounter.

Find Out What Is Open

Just because some RV parks close for a month or two each winter does not mean that you won't be supplied with adequate accommodations on your trip. If you will be traveling via a highway that contains many points of interest, you will have a much easier time finding RV parks on this type of roadway and you won't need to worry about getting lost on a desolate country road that is far from the route that you have mapped out for your journey.

Plan a reasonable amount of miles that you will be driving each day and break your stops up according to this proposal. Maybe, on the first day or so, you will be anxious to drive a long distance and this may mean that you can pass through a couple of states, before stopping for the night. Take into account that snow or freezing could be in the forecast and this could hinder your ability to travel as far as you would like to.

Make reservations at each RV park that is of interest. Places that each have an onsite restaurant, a game room, a full electric and water hookup, and access to an area where you can build a campfire will ensure that you are comfortable and have plenty to do during each of your stays.

Winterize Your Vehicle and Pack the Essentials

Some or all of the campgrounds may provide a bath house for you to use for showering purposes and there may be an onsite laundry center at some of the parks. If your RV isn't well insulated and it tends to get cold on winter nights, purchase plenty of kerosene for your trip across the country. You should also winterize your vehicle to help keep brisk air out of the interior area where you will be driving and sleeping.

Insulation sheets, blankets, or shrink-wrapped plastic can be used to insulate the RV's interior. Pour an antifreeze agent into the engine's coolant tank. Pack plenty of warm clothing. Bring along a snow shovel, a hand broom, and an ice scraper, to use both during the drive and after you arrive at each RV park.

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