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Private Boat Charter Rental: Chasing Down Big Fish

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If you're hoping to catch big fish this fall, booking a private charter boat rental can help you catch big fish in all waters. Before booking a private charter boat rental, however, it's important to consider the experience you're looking for.

Here's how to get the most out of a private boat charter rental experience.

Non-Stop Action

If you're traveling with children and/or want to make your private charter boat rental trip more fun, consider requesting these types of fishing experiences. 

Live Bait

Using live bait, whether it's minnows, baitfish, eels, or leeches, is likely to produce the most non-stop fishing action. When requesting a live bait private charter boat rental fishing experience, it's important to ask about what type(s) of fish you'll target and how much chumming your outfitter is willing to do. The type of sport fish you target can make for a drastically different experience. For instance, if you're targeting stripper bass with live eels, you might be able to find huge schools of fish to provide the non-stop action you might be looking for. Additionally, the more your outfitter is willing to chum — throwing bait into the water to attract fish — the more likely you can be to attract larger schools of sport fish. 

A Challenging Course

Some fishing trips aren't about catching large volumes of fish but rather catching fish using more challenging methods.

Top Water

Few things are more exciting than seeing a fish chase down a top water plug. Although this type of fishing can be challenging, it can also be adrenaline-inducing. If you're looking for big top water explosions, it's important to book a private charter boat rental that can navigate in narrower, shallower waters. These types of boats are often smaller, which means your travel party might need to be smaller as well. 

On the Fly

Catching fish on the fly can be the ultimate test of angling acumen, patience, and precision. If your fishing bucket list includes catching a sport fish on a fly rod, it's important to book a private fishing boat rental with a pooling platform. These flat boats have shallow drafts and aren't designed to be taken for long boat rides. Before you book a trip of this type, you need to be sure that you consult your tide charts. Catching fish in inches of water can be a question of timing the tides perfectly.  Additionally, these types of trips can be seasonal. 

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