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Details To Confirm When You Book A Kayak Tour

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Scheduling a kayak tour with a few friends can be a good way to get some exercise, enjoy some beautiful scenery, and get away from your phone for a few hours. If you are interested in taking part in a kayak tour, you will want to start by finding a company that runs these tours. Generally, kayak tour companies offer all sorts of different tours, and it can be fun to learn about your options and decide which will be the best fit for your group. Beyond confirming the basic details, here are some other things to learn.

Paddling Experience

You will often find that different kayak tours require their participants to have different levels of paddling experience. A tour company will often offer a beginner-level tour for those who have never paddled in the past, while also offering more challenging outings for those with ample paddling experience. Talk about this topic with your friends to get a sense of how much paddling experience everyone has. You do not want to choose a challenging tour if some people are beginners, but you also do not want to choose something too basic if you and your friends are moderately experienced.


A lot of kayak tours allow you to see wildlife as you paddle. For many people, this can be one of the most appealing parts of this type of outing. It's a good idea to check which tours are best for wildlife spotting. For example, a tour that visits quiet inlets may give you a better chance of seeing wildlife in its natural habitat than a tour that stays within sight of the beach. While the tour company can't guarantee that you will see wildlife, it can recommend tours that typically give participants the best chance of enjoying these sightings.

Group Size

You should also confirm the maximum number of people who will be in the tour group. Some people favor smaller groups because of their intimate vibe. In a small group, it is also easier to hear the tour leader because your kayak is never too far from theirs. Conversely, other paddlers enjoy larger groups. These groups give you the chance to meet more people who are into this outdoor activity, which may excite you if you are sociable. Choosing a tour that has a group size that suits you can help to make your outing enjoyable and memorable.