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How A Travel Companion Can Aid A Disabled Person

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A travel companion can assist a disabled person throughout each leg of their journey or during targeted activities. A travel companion eases the burden of traveling alone and will ensure that the person who hires them remains safe and comfortable. Consider the following ways that a travel companion may aid you during an upcoming vacation or business trip.

Transport Needs

If you will be flying to your destination, you may be concerned about how you will traverse the airport parking lot or even acquire transportation to the airport. A travel companion is a hired aid who is capable of handling all of the transport details associated with a trip. They can arrange to have a handicap-accessible vehicle pick you up from your home.

A companion can be requested to ride along with you and push your wheelchair or another mobility aid to the gate that your plane will be leaving from. If you will be in need of transportation when you arrive at your travel destination, a travel companion can secure a rental vehicle in advance. They will be able to drive you to your hotel and each additional stop that is on your itinerary.

Medical Care, Translation Services, And Errands

If you are required to take medication or if you have an injury that will make it difficult for you to travel solo, a travel companion can help you with your care needs. When you sign up for a companion service, you will be requested to relay information about your personal circumstances. A companion will be assigned to you, based upon your needs.

A companion who has been formally trained to assist the disabled will take great care to make sure that a client remains in good health and is comfortable during their travels. If a speech impediment or hearing loss makes it difficult for you to communicate with others, a travel companion who provides translation services can be an asset to you. A companion can assist you with communicating with others.

If you have some specific activities that you will be participating in while you are traveling, you likely won't want to be burdened with cleaning your accommodations or running various errands within the destination city. A travel companion can be assigned ot handle all of the responsibilities that you are unable to fulfill. When you interview a companion, provide them with a list of job duties that you will need them to complete.

For more information on a travel companion for people with disabilities, contact a professional near you.